C.H.I.L.D. kicks off nationwide helmet giveaway

The National Committee To Stop Brain Injury Now has launched a nationwide initiative to children throughout America and their families to ensure that each and every youngster who needs a bike safety helmet is receives one totally free-of-charge. Our mission is to stop preventable brain injury now by getting a properly fitting bike helmet on the precious head of every child in in every community. across America. It’s a fresh, new school year and a great time for C.H.I.L.D. to step up our game across the USA. We are at the 50 yard line and movin’ the ball downfield. With your help we’ll score a touchdown for America’s kids.

You may email any questions and requests for free helmets to Executive Director Marc Kaye at: marckaye3@gmail.com or call him directly at: 516-808-7666