Children’s Health and Safety Foundation names top NY physician to lead national committee to Stop Brain Injury Now

The Children’s Helmet Initiative and Legislative Defense Fund, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to protecting children’s health and safety, has appointed well-known New York physician, Dr. Howard M. Shapiro to the chairmanship of the National Committee to Stop Brain Injury Now.

Marc Dean Kaye, Executive Director of the foundation, states that: “We have known Dr. Shapiro for more than three decades both personally and in a professional capacity as well and I cannot think of an individual more well-qualified to lead the National Committee, not only because of his healthcare expertise, his tremendous level of
respect, but more importantly because of his unparalleled commitment to humanitarian causes as evidenced by his dedication, over more than thirty years to fostering healthy and sensible lifestyles in our American community. I look forward to partnering with Howard and the Committee to tackling his next big assignment, that of preventing needless brain injuries in our precious kids.”

Dr. Shapiro will preside over the National Committee’s work both in New York, where he is engaged in the practice of medicine as well as in South Florida, where he has been a longtime resident.