National Child Health and Safety Initiative to kick-off Family Day Events in Delray Beach

The National Committee to, the organizing body of C.H.I.L.D., the Children’s Helmet Initiative and Legislative Defense Fund, a new not-for-profit foundation headquartered in New York, N.Y., has announced that it is launching a national campaign, to begin in Delray Beach, to raise public awareness of the need for the compliance with stringent helmet laws for children where such protective codes exist and to encourage through a variety of means the public awareness of such critical legislation in localities throughout the United States where compliance is known to be deficient.

C.H.I.L.D., the Children’s Helmet Initiative, is led by philanthropist and Delray Beach resident, Marc Dean Kaye, who serves as the foundation’s Executive Director and by the New York Times bestselling physician and health and wellness advocate, Dr. Howard M. Shapiro, who serves as National Committee Chairman. The Committee is comprised additionally of distinguished professionals and community leaders from throughout the nation.

In a recent conference call with executive staff, Executive Director Kaye emphasized that, “although the Initiative is truly national in scope, it will execute its strategies for protecting America’s children on a grass roots level, by focussing on working in partnership with local government in ensuring compliance with and enforcement of helmet laws for kids where they exist and in defending legislation in localities where compliance is lacking. Delray is a wonderful community to kick-off this national movement to stop needless head injuries in our kids.”

Research conducted nationally has led the Committee to recognize the inherent challenges and difficulties in code enforcement of existing child helmet laws relating to bike and skateboard safety and has caused the Committee to formulate a national strategy based on public education and awareness-raising through special community-based events, such as family days devoted to helmet safety to be sponsored jointly by C.H.I.L.D. in partnership with local government, business, and industry.

An avid and passionate cyclist for many years, Marc Dean Kaye has carried the banner for helmet safety for decades, dating back to his professional years spent in emergency medicine and witnessing countless brain injuries, many largely preventable had helmet safety equipment been employed. Not only has Executive Director Kaye achieved recognition over the past thirty years as a national expert in healthcare risk management but moreover he has advised members of Congress on various national healthcare policy issues and brings to this new not-for-profit public service foundation a record of achievement in business, industry and public policy-making over four decades, including a major role in support for The Twin Towers Orphan Fund in the wake of September 11th as well as with New Horizons Service Dogs, a South Florida not-for-profit which provides service dogs to the disabled, where Mr. Kaye serves as a public access advocate and advisor to foster enforcement of the federal Americans With Disabilities Act, which has added so richly to the quality of life of tens of millions of Americans struggling daily with physical and psychological disabilities.

Dr. Howard M. Shapiro, serving as Chairman of the National Committee and as foundation chairman is one of America’s best-known and most respected advocates for health and wellness. Long a champion for sensible, healthy lifestyles, Dr. Shapiro has authored six bestselling books and has been appeared on countless television programs devoted to healthy living. Based in New York but a longtime resident of South Florida, Dr. Shapiro brings a powerful professional voice and energy to this new foundation aimed at protecting kids.

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